Custom European bamboo powder children's kit
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European bamboo powder children's kit

LH20406 3" European Style Mug 82*110 100G
LH20577 6" European Style Square Salad Bowl 15.4*15.4*5 115G
LH21224 7-1/2" European Style Square Curved Line Tray 200*15mm 160G
LH20068 Child's Shifter 136*30 15G
CY21433 Child's Fork Gu Style 23*137*10 15G
Additional Information:
European-style children's five-piece set consisting of five different items. The set consists of five different items: cups, salad bowls, plates, and forks. This set is specially designed for older children and has a large capacity for large portions at a time.
square design, design inside, no color loss. The fork is designed with three tines for safety and no damage to the mouth. The spoon is rounded and hand polished throughout. The whole set is simple and stylish, with cartoon patterns, simple and lovely.
Applications: school, home, gift, outdoor
Suitable for the catering industry, families, restaurants, hotels, and businesses.
Company Profile
Founded in 2001, the company was formerly known as Huangyan Lianhe Plastic Factory. Since 2015, it has officially changed its name to Taizhou Xinlianhe Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. The company is European bamboo powder children's kit Manufacturer and OEM European bamboo powder children's kit Supplier, an export-oriented enterprise that independently develops bio-environmental materials and processing technology, and produces and sells services.
To continuously develop the market, custom European bamboo powder children's kit and produce high-quality European bamboo powder children's kit products, the company continues to introduce advanced production equipment and superb technology. To produce high-end high-quality products, the wiping process adopts an advanced automatic baking line, a grinding process using an advanced automatic grinding machine process edging, and dust-free cleaning using degradable tableware automatic ultrasonic line. To prevent mildew of bamboo fiber products, the surface of the product is also treated with grease. The quality control of the entire production process is inspected following IQC, SQC, and IPQC inspection standards, and then the finished packaging is in strict accordance with QA inspection standards.
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